Mobile grinding and mixing technology

Regardless of the extreme conditions,
we always have the right solution.
Technically as well as economically!

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Over 57 years of experience

We have been building mobile grinding and mixing plants since 1964.

Owner-managed company

Short decision-making paths with a trust-based corporate culture

In use worldwide

Our machines are in use in over 45 countries

Gentle drive concepts

Gentle on the truck power take-off and economical in consumption


Variable mixer sizes

From 5 – 14 t content = one principle

Simplified maintenance concept

Freely accessible units and merged lubrication points

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Mobile grinding and mixing technology
at the highest level

In 1964, the first German mobile grinding and mixing plant was presented to the professional world under the motto “the mill drives to the grain”

Today we have machines in use:

  • in Europe
  • in Russia to Siberia
  • in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
  • in Africa to the Congo
  • South America
  • Egypt and Iraq

Years of experience

Built grinding and mixing plants

Our quality & amp; Special features


Newly developed hammer mechanism for even more economical work.

The grain feed is automatic or adjustable via the feed metering.

The even coating of the mill results in a uniform grist structure and reduced grist heating.

Grinding capacities of up to 36 t / h are practical values.


Crushing performance up to 18 t / h.

The special hard material rollers are highly wear-resistant, insensitive to foreign bodies and can be reground.

Great intake performance thanks to the special grinding of the rollers, which means that even moist maize can be processed without problems.

A clearly defined squeezing gap results in a uniform structure of the squeezed product.

The tried and tested stepless gap adjustment can be adjusted centrally, optionally hydraulically from the control station.

Mixed operation (simultaneous grinding and squeezing) is possible as always.


Tube box (tubes made of stainless steel / housing made of aluminum) for clean storage of your suction and pressure hoses, offers space for 48m and this with a low, accessible insertion height.


Variable mixer sizes up to 14t content = one principle!

Reasonable installation height: e.g. 8t mixer with an installation height of 2950mm.

Residual emptying through the inclined spout.

Proven for decades.

Steep mixer cone.

Large size mixer screw.

Infinitely variable speed adjustment of the mixer screw = gentle treatment of the crushed goods.


Permanent weight recording during suction.

Simultaneous suction, weighing and emptying is guaranteed = no adversarial process = your time savings.

Maintenance and dust-free.


Everything at a glance for electrics, hydraulics and pneumatics.

Dust and weather protected.

Machine control and recipe management.

Mixing speed regulation.

Mill regulation for optimal utilization.

Control of the feed oil pump.

Separate display for the truck data.


Gentle on the truck power take-off.

When the PTO transmission is engaged, the system is almost load-free.

The shredding units are switched on automatically as required and the mixer drive is switched on automatically after a few seconds.

This not only protects the truck drive, it also avoids unnecessary fuel consumption.

Driving operation with the power take-off switched on is possible.


In vehicles with air suspension, the measured values of the air bellows are determined via sensors, converted to the total mass, shown as axle load and mixed content in the Monitron, which can be tared at any time.

This enables the adequately precise dosing of partial quantities of the total mixture into different storage locations.


Practical switching functions in the driver’s cab for switching on the drive.

Hydraulic lifting / lowering / swiveling of the discharge auger.

Optionally also switching on the emptying auger.

Switching the work lights on and off (6x work lights as standard).

Mobile grinding and mixing technology has been built by us for over 57 years

Under the motto “The mill drives to the grain” , the first German mobile grinding and mixing plant was presented to the professional world forty years ago . It was exactly what farmers, contractors and machine rings imagined under a mobile mixing plant .

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